Go for a walk

Villa Maria is situated in the heart of Monteverde, a historic Roman district, which allows visitors the opportunity to enjoy pleasant walks in its green surroundings and to admire some of the most impressive parts of the Eternal City.

Villa Maria - Percorsi del Gianicolo

Walking near the Gianicolo Hill

Villa Maria is located quite near the Gianicolo Hill, renowned for its magnificent 360° view of the Eternal City.

As a starting itinerary, we suggest a walk of about 10 minutes to Piazza Garibaldi, along the Mura Gianicolensi  (= Janiculum Walls) and the picturesque “Passeggiata del Gianicolo.” At your destination, you will be captivated by a variety of monuments, domes, baroque cupolas, red roofs, antique buildings. This area was transformed into a national park immediately after the “Declaration of Italian Unity” in remembrance of the Italian Risorgimento. The equestrian statues of Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi were erected at the top of the hill. At noon, you will observe the famous cannon shot which, every day from 1847 onward, invites hundreds of Roman bells to peal.

Continuing on the “Passeggiata del Gianicolo”, you will arrive at the “Acqua Paola” Fountain, called “Fontanone” (Big Fountain) by every native Roman.

In the neighborhood of these monuments, you will find the Church “San Pietro in Montorio” as well as the small temple “Tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio”, an example of renaissance architecture. The basement of the temple is covered by a lead coated cupola.

Last but not least, your walk will bring you to the slope of the Gianicolo Hill to visit the “Orto Botanico” (Botanic Garden) of Rome. Here you will admire numerous different plants from everywhere in the world, growing on a surface of 12 hectares.

Through this excursion it is also possible to reach the “Basilica S. Maria in Trastevere” and to walk along the typical small alleys of “Trastevere”, one of the most visited tourist sites of Rome.

Villa Maria - Le Ville del Quartiere Monteverde

Monteverde Villas

Monteverde is richly surrounded by green areas. In front of our guesthouse Villa Maria, you will find Villa Sciarra, a public park with statues and fountains of the 18th century. Although not very extensive in size, Villa Sciarra maintains an atmosphere that is familiar and welcoming.

Along “Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi” and “Via Alessandro Algardi”, you will reach, after a walk of ten minutes, Villa Doria Pamphilj, the largest public park in Rome (184 hectares of green area, divided in half by the “Via Leone XIII”). This complex consists of three parts: “pars urbana”, composed of a building and nearby gardens; “pars fructuaria”, composed of  pine trees; and “pars rustica”, a true rural estate. Furthermore a small river travels into a lake containing a small elliptical island.

Finally, in the direction of “Porta San Pancrazio”, it is possible to visit homonymous Catacombs, which can be reached from inside the parish church of “San Pancrazio”. The catacombs occupy several floors and are subdivided into three principal areas.

Villa Maria - Percorsi per San Pietro

Saint Peter’s and Castel Sant’Angelo

After a pleasant walk of about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Saint Peter’s Cathedral (Basilica di San Pietro) in Vatican City, one of the most appreciated and visited places in the entire world. The experience of being surrounded by a Christian atmosphere, being ’embraced’ by the famous Colonnade and beholding the majesty of the Cathedral and its Cupola, will transform your visit into an unforgettable event.

Furthermore, we suggest that you walk along the “Via della Conciliazione” to reach Castel Sant’Angelo, an important witness of Roman history, which, from its terrace, offers a beautiful sight of the Eternal City.